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TXTS4 Leaders List

4 Major Destinations

Leslie Beauchamp

Whether your school is an official “Kids at Hope” sight or not, most of us agree that we are responsible for creating an environment where all children experience success.   In their model, Kids at Hope believes that we all should experience success in four areas:  

1)      Home and Family

2)      Education and Career

3)      Community and Service

4)      Hobbies and Recreation

It’s easy to get these out of balance during the school year.  This summer is your chance to find success in each of these areas.  Take a moment to write down at least one outcome for your summer in each of these areas.  You may even want to have your teachers and students do the same.  

I plan to spend some quality time with my sister, read a couple of books for work and a couple that are just for fun, campaign for changes I want to see in November, and participate in a photography challenge.  What about you?  Feel free to share your goals in our comments.  Maybe we can gain book ideas and inspiration from others.  

Have a wonderful summer off from TXTS4Leaders.  We’ll text you just before school starts next year! 

Are your non-certified staff feeling appreciated this week, too?

Leslie Beauchamp

On days dedicated to appreciating school nurses and teachers, we want to honor them for their unique contributions to our educational community.  While honoring specific groups, we also want to ensure that we are not making others feel unappreciated or disrespected. 

This week, consider how to ensure Teacher Appreciation Week in some way honors your full staff because we are all in this together supporting our students and communities. 

Do instructional assistants get cards or notes of appreciation from students and their teachers?  How are support personnel honored for their unique contributions to school during Teacher Appreciation Week?

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Leslie Beauchamp

How do we lead in uncertain times?  Gordon Tredgold, Founder and CEO of Leadership Principles shared some strategies to lead in times of chaos: 

1)Communicate, communicate, communicate

·Tell people what you know

·Tell them what you don’t know.

·Tell them when you will know. 

2)Explain why you are making the decisions you are making

3)Ask for input if you can incorporate it. (Tredgold, 2016)

While you are crafting communication to parents and your community, try incorporating these strategies into your message.

Tredgold, Gordon. (2016, July 12).  “7 Ways Successful Leaders Deal with Chaos and Uncertainty.” Inc.

Are you Imperturbable?

Leslie Beauchamp

As leaders, we have to be experts in emotional management.  People read into and feed off of our energy.  Sometimes we have to bring up the urgency level and inspire people to push ahead.  Sometimes we have to remain the calming force that shows that we know we will be fine.  Yet, there are days when finding the right balance of energy and emotional management is difficult. 

Today may be one of those days.  


We have readers across the country, but most of our TXTS4Leaders followers are from Arizona.  Tomorrow, many educators will walk out of their schools.   How will you manage your emotional energy?  

How can you be resilient and imperturbable (incapable of being agitated)?

  • Focus on embracing the challenges.  
  • You do not need to solve everything.  Help others focus on coming up with solutions.  
  • Find those who you can encourage and help others find those who they can encourage.  
  • Remember your calling and why you are doing what you do.  
  • Remain calm.  If you need help, view the “All is well” scene from Animal House.