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STEM Resources

STEM Pro Live!:  A free, live, monthly broadcast of a STEM professional sharing from his or her workplace. STEM professionals tell students about their journey, then answer questions in real time from students.

Solve It: Solve It is a video series featuring STEM educators posing real-world challenges to students.

STEM Immersion Guide: An overarching framework to help chart a course for integrating STEM education in individual schools and through school districts.

STEM Walkthrough Protocol:  A feedback tool designed to facilitate feedback based on 5 to 10 minutes spent in each classroom. 

STEM and Industry Pro Connect: Supports teachers with connecting to STEM and Industry Professionals to enhance real-world classroom applications and bring awareness of the career and college pipeline.

STEM Resource Center: Equips teachers with peer collaboration and resources to provide creative, hands-on STEM learning. The center features resources (lighting, electronics, cameras, etc.) donated by local businesses that are free to teachers for classroom purposes. Items are available only during scheduled group sessions.