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Tax Credit Portal


When you select the donate button you will be directed to a map containing every public school district in Maricopa County.



The school districts are color coded on the map to show the amount of tax credit dollars each received last year.

The color coding is intended to alert you to who needs tax credit dollars the most.

Watch the short video above to understand how the map works.


If you are not already involved with a particular school, and don't have a preference where you donation goes, we encourage you to choose a district that is located in a red area of the map.

If you already know the school where you want to donate, simply locate it on the map. If you wish to donate to a charter school, you can find the list here. Note, we are not able to accept donations online for charters. Please send your donation directly to the charter school.

Thank you for your generous contribution to our schools. Tax credit dollars provide students with foundational experiences they otherwise might not have. 


I don’t see public charter schools on the map. How can I donate to a charter school?

While The Office of the Maricopa County School Superintendent is unable to distribute funding to charter schools, you can donate directly to any school of your choice. Find a complete list of Maricopa County’s charter schools here.

How will the donated funds be transmitted to our district?

We have set up an account with Chase for deposits from the portal, then the Maricopa County Treasurer will Journal Entry the funds to your school district.

We have six basic categories: Principal's Choice, Athletics, Fine Arts, Other, All Day Kindergarten, and Community Education. Many of our donors donate for sports, clubs, or trip fees for a particular student. How will they indicate which sport, club, trip, and student?

Donors can specify where they specifically want their dollars to go in the comment box.

Will donors receive a receipt for their donation?

Yes. Once the credit card transaction is complete, the donor will receive a receipt (as seen below) that can be used for tax credit purposes.


Where can I find the latest publication on School Tax Credits?

The Arizona Department of Revenue has information regarding Private and Public School Tax Credit. That page is located here.

What are the guidelines for Extracurricular Activity Tax Credit?

Extracurricular activities are school sponsored activities that require enrolled students to pay a fee in order to participate. To determine if an extracurricular activity is tax credit eligible and other guidelines click here.

Who determined the list provided as the activities?

During the scope of the project for the Student Tax Credit Portal, we reached out to AZDOR for support and collaboration in this area of details for specific activities a basic list captured the revenue. This list is available on AZDOR website as “Public School Tax Credit Report.”

Will my school district be responsible for the cost of the portal?

The school districts are NOT responsible for the charges of the portal.

Do I need to set up a user ID and password to make a donation?

No, there are no initial requirements for school districts or donors to make a donation. Just locate & donate.