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What do parents want anyway?

TXTS 4 Teachers

What do parents want anyway?

Ginger Topize

Seven short years ago, less than 60% of parents carried a smartphone. Today, we are closing in on 95%. 5% are connected all the time with a smartwatch. But, the question remains, how do your students' parents want to hear from you?

Hubspot has conducted research on this topic and will send you a free report that outlines how parents want to be communicated with. Here's a teaser:

Sample from "Table 2: most effective digital communication tools by school type"


  • 61% in Elementary Schools
  • 57% in Middle Schools
  • 55% in High Schools

School/district Facebook

  • 45% in Elementary Schools
  • 41% in Middle Schools
  • 39% in High Schools


Today's freebies for digital communication

1. Remind - Finally, a way to end unread emails and endless paper flyers.

2. Class Dojo - A community building platform that reaches out to parents.