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Adding Some Zen into Standardized Testing

TXTS 4 Teachers

Adding Some Zen into Standardized Testing

Kimberly St Clair

Let’s face it, high-stakes testing can be stressful for our students.  Consider these tips to help ease the test-taking jitters.

  • Practice visualization techniques with your students.

  • Have students write positive affirmations and review them before testing. 

  • Start the testing days with a joke or meme to put a smile on your students’ faces!

  • Plan for stretching/light exercise right before the test and during breaks.

  • Teach your students breathing techniques to help calm their nerves.  For example, teach them to breathe in deeply, hold the breath for a moment, and then release it slowly. 

  • Allow students to engage in low-cognitive demand activities outside of the testing time.  For example, allow for structured choice time, academic games, partner reading, or sketching.

  • Stay Positive – You are your students’ biggest role model!  Keep smiling and providing encouragement.

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