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Are you Imperturbable?

TXTS4 Leaders List

Are you Imperturbable?

Leslie Beauchamp

As leaders, we have to be experts in emotional management.  People read into and feed off of our energy.  Sometimes we have to bring up the urgency level and inspire people to push ahead.  Sometimes we have to remain the calming force that shows that we know we will be fine.  Yet, there are days when finding the right balance of energy and emotional management is difficult. 

Today may be one of those days.  


We have readers across the country, but most of our TXTS4Leaders followers are from Arizona.  Tomorrow, many educators will walk out of their schools.   How will you manage your emotional energy?  

How can you be resilient and imperturbable (incapable of being agitated)?

  • Focus on embracing the challenges.  
  • You do not need to solve everything.  Help others focus on coming up with solutions.  
  • Find those who you can encourage and help others find those who they can encourage.  
  • Remember your calling and why you are doing what you do.  
  • Remain calm.  If you need help, view the “All is well” scene from Animal House.