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TXTS4 Leaders List

Tracking Feedback

Laurie King

From the feedback you gave teachers last week, how do you know what feedback was the most effective?  
Most of us document our observations or walkthroughs in some way. Consider a slight shift in thinking. If you and your coaches track the feedback you give and the evidence of change based on that feedback rather than simply what you observe, how might that change your practice? Consider a simple template that includes the following:

  • Teacher Name
  • Running Total: the number of times you provide feedback this year
  • Format: How do you give the feedback? In-person planned, in-person hallway talks, email, note left, etc.
  • Latest feedback: a bullet or two of the key thing(s) that should improve by the next visit
  • Evidence of change: what you observe based on the most recent feedback provided. This could be left blank if there is no evidence of change.  

Would you be able to see which teachers get the most and least feedback? 

Could you analyze the precision of your feedback? 

Would you see which teachers respond to which types of feedback? 

How might seeing patterns in your feedback support your growth in giving effective feedback? 

How would this support the speed at which your teachers improve?