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REIL Newsletter

Fall Issue (9/9/19)

Inside the Issue:

  • Onboarding: Starting with Day Zero

  • Back to School Brings Awards

  • A New Teacher’s Perspective on the LOI

  • Building Assessment Items

  • Critical Thinking

  • Instructional Conference Micro-credentials

Past Issues

Issue 4 (4/15/19)

Inside the Issue:

  • Rethinking Video Bank Filming: A Video Cadre Member’s Perspective on Video PD

  • Learning Progressions

  • Celebrating Opportunity Culture in Phoenix #1

  • Performance-Based Compensation & Differential Pay

  • The Financial Impact of REIL

  • Supporting Para-educators in Nadaburg and

  • What’s Coming Up Next!

Issue 3 (2/11/19)

Inside the Issue:

  • Learning to Practice Perfect: Thoughtfully Designing How You Practice Skills

  • The Difference in Opportunity Culture (OC) Professional Development

  • Celebrating Opportunity Culture in Wilson

  • Sub-Objectives: Breaking Down the Objective to Track Student Progress

  • Using Video Self-Analysis to Support EGP Goals

  • Training & Development in an HCMS and

  • What’s Coming Up Next!

Issue 2 (12/3/18)

Inside the Issue:

  • Monitoring & Adjusting: Resetting Action Plans & Goals Based on Data

  • Opportunity Culture (OC) Site Visits & Surveys

  • Celebrating OC in Nadaburg

  • Renewed Focus on Collaborative Team Meetings (CTMs)

  • Talent Management

  • Scripting Micro-credentials and

  • What’s Coming Up Next!

Issue 1 (9/24/18)

Inside the Issue:

  • The Purpose of Educator Goal Plans: A Call for Individualized Growth

  • Opportunity Culture (OC) Roles

  • Exciting Updates to the Leading Observation Instrument (LdOI)

  • Human Capital Leaders in Education (HCLE)

  • Educator Goal Plans in RDSS and

  • What’s Coming Up Next!