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REILize Decision Support System (RDSS)

The REILize Decision Support System (RDSS), a customized data management system, allows REIL districts to manage performance-based evaluation and support for educators, as well as the performance-based compensation processes. RDSS provides tools to facilitate decision-making (i.e. Identity Management Report, Educator Participation Page, Compensation Group Report, Comprehensive Personnel Report). School leaders can utilize evaluation data to plan PD, make human capital management decision, and collaborate to create EGPs. Educators have access to individual student growth results, multi-year performance results, and online PD to support ongoing professional growth.

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RDSS Practical Guidebooks and Quick Guides assist in supporting users with specific program components.

2017-18 Practical Guidebooks

2017-18 Practical Guidebook for Teachers

2017-18 Practical Guidebook for Coaches

2017-18 Practical Guidebook for Leaders

2017-18 Practical Guidebook for Multi-Classroom Leaders & Reach Associates

2017-18 Practical Guidebook for MCRSD Teachers

2017-18 Conceptual Guidebook: Components of the REIL Score

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