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If a child will attend a home school, the parent or person with custody of the child must file a notarized affidavit of intent form with the County Superintendent of Schools registering that intent within 30 days from the time the child begins to attend a homeschool. Download the affidavit of intent to homeschool. For filing purposes fill out a separate affidavit for each child. Notary services are available in the homeschooling office.

An official certified copy (original) of the child’s birth certificate or other reliable proof of the child’s identity and age (review Homeschool Guidelines for other reliable proof of child’s identity) shall also be filed in the county school superintendent’s office. (ARS §15-828.3.B). Photocopies of the original birth certificate are not acceptable. The County Superintendent must also be notified within 30 days of the termination of homeschooling. Download the withdrawal form. If homeschooling is resumed, another affidavit of intent must be filed with the County Superintendent.

The County Superintendent must also be notified of any changes of information. Download the change of information form.




Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) - a statewide organization that serves the needs and protects the rights of Arizona homeschool families. AFHE is a non-profit educational corporation directed by a Christian board. AFHE membership is open to all homeschool patents in Arizona. 602-235-2673
Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) - National homeschool legal defense group that protects homeschool rights and freedoms.

Arizona Revised Statutes related to homeschooling


The testing of children who are instructed in a homeschool program while they are receiving homeschool instruction is not required. (ARS §15-745.A)

A child who is enrolled in a kindergarten program or grades one through 12 in a public school after receiving instruction in a homeschool program shall be tested in order to determine the appropriate grade level for the educational placement of the child. (ARS 15-745.B).


Do I have the time and organizational skills to aide my student in succeeding in their education?

There are a number of tasks to be planned and carried out when homeschooling. As the "home school,” you assume responsibility for the following: developing of curriculum; creating of lesson plans; purchasing materials; creating and grading of assignments and/or assessments; maintaining transcripts of grades; scheduling “classroom” time and making it a fixed time; and providing structure and an environment conducive to learning.

Have I explored all of the options available for my student’s education?

ARS 15-802 lists the educational options for students as public, charter, private and home schooling. These are all options within Arizona. If your student requires additional assistance, some additional educational sources would be online classes or tutoring.

When do I have to register?

According to the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 15-802: "Section C. An affidavit of intent shall be filed within thirty days from the time the child begins to attend a private school or home school and is not required thereafter unless the private school or the home school instruction is terminated and then resumed. The person who has custody of the child shall notify the county school superintendent within thirty days of the termination that the child is no longer being instructed at a private school or a home school. If the private school or home school instruction is resumed, the person who has custody of the child shall file another affidavit of intent with the county school superintendent within thirty days."

How do I register?

A.R.S. 15-802 states: "Section 2. If the child will attend a private school or home school, file an affidavit of intent with the county school superintendent stating that the child is attending a regularly organized private school or is being provided with instruction in a home school. The affidavit of intent shall include:

  1. The child's name.

  2. The child's date of birth.

  3. The current address of the school the child is attending.

  4. The names, telephone numbers and addresses of the persons who currently have custody of the child."

Please also refer to ARS 15-828 for proof of birth requirements: "Section B. If a child is instructed at home pursuant to section 15-802, the person who has custody of the child shall, within thirty days after the home instruction begins, provide to the county school superintendent of the county in which the child resides one of the following:

  1. A certified copy of the child's birth certificate. This needs to be an original certificate (not a photocopy) with a raised, official state seal.

  2. Other reliable proof of the child's identity and age, including the child's baptismal certificate, an application for a social security number or original school registration records and an affidavit explaining the inability to provide a copy of the birth certificate.

Both the Affidavit of Intent AND the proof of birth need to be submitted to the Maricopa County School Superintendent's Office in order for the student to be registered as a home schooled student. We cannot accept photocopied birth certificates.

What do I do if I move?

If you move out of Maricopa County, you will need to submit a Homeschool Withdrawal form so your record of homeschooling in this County may be removed. The homeschool withdrawal and the private school withdrawal forms do not need to be notarized. If you move within the county, simply complete a Change of Information form and submit it to our office. It can be scanned/faxed or sent by mail.

Are the records kept confidential?

Yes. Any requests for copies of Affidavits must be done in writing by the parent or person who has custody of the child.

Where can I get a certified birth certificate?

Certified birth certificates can be obtained from the Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration.

Can my child take a course at a public school?

Contact the school district office of your residence to get their policies on accepting home schooled students into certain courses, and any requirements that may be expected. Find your local School District Office. ARS 15-802.01 The statue states: “ Section A. Notwithstanding any other law, a child who resides within the attendance area of a public school and who is instructed at home shall be allowed to try out for interscholastic activities on behalf of the public school in the same manner as a pupil who is enrolled in that public school. Registration, age eligibility requirements, fees, insurance, transportation, physical condition, qualifications, responsibilities, event schedules, standards of behavior and performance policies for home schooled students shall be consistent with those policies established for students enrolled in that public school. The individual providing the primary instruction of a child who is instructed at home shall submit written verification that provides: 1. Whether the student is receiving a passing grade in each course or subject being taught. 2. Whether the student is maintaining satisfactory progress towards advancement or promotion. Section B. A child who is instructed at home and who was previously enrolled in a school shall be ineligible to participate in interscholastic activities for the remainder of the school year during which the child was enrolled in a school.”

How does my child get a high school diploma/GED?

In order to obtain an accredited diploma, you need to use an accredited online or correspondence program. After the student has completed the program, a diploma will be issued to the student. For more programs, or to check on the accreditation of a specific program, call the NCA Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement at 1-800-525-9517.

For GED information, please call the Arizona Department of Education’s GED information line at (602) 258-2410 ext. 222.

What about required testing?

In reference to ARS 15-745: Section A. Nothing in this article shall be construed to require the testing of children who are "instructed in a home school program while they are receiving homeschool instruction."

What if my child has special needs or requires special education?

Refer to ARS 15-763: "Section D. If federal monies are provided to a school district or a charter school for special education services to home schooled or private schooled pupils, the school district or charter school shall provide the services to both the home schooled pupils and the private schooled pupils in the same manner."

What do I do if my child stops homeschooling and is enrolled in a public or charter school, over the age of 16, or moved out of state?

If a homeschooled student is re-entering a public school, has moved out of state or is over the age of 16, remember to file a homeschool withdrawal form with the county.

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