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4041 N. Central Ave., Ste. 1200
Phoenix, AZ 85012


Industry-STEM Pro Connect

Industry-STEM Pro Connect

Industry-STEM Pro Connect supports teachers by connecting them with STEM and industry professionals to enhance real-world classroom applications and bring awareness to college and career pathways.

Access to role models:

  • Make Connections to real-world learning

  • Develop career identity with students

  • Enhance content knowledge

  • Partner with a project or event


In-person Volunteering

Conduct a tour of your company for teachers.

Provide teacher externships or job shadowing.

Participate in a Career Technical Education Advisory Committee.

Be a guest speaker/presenter in a classroom.

Judging a competitive event.

Industry STEM Pro DV High School_DSC08470.jpg

Volunteering Via Video Conferencing

Share the journey to your current career and answer questions about the career.

Provide content-subject consultation.

Consult with teacher on classroom projects.

Support students with classroom projects.