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Video Bank

REIL Video Bank

The video bank has over 370 videos and is still growing. It is a great resource for professional learning opportunities. Below are sample videos from the video bank including videos on Relationships, Responsibility for Learning, Real-Time Assessment, Monitor and Adjust, Practice/Aligned Activity, and Authentic Engagement. To see more video clips, login to RDSS and click on the 'View All Videos' link under the Featured Video.


Rubric: Learning Community

Element: Relationships

Level: 4

Description: Demonstrates personal knowledge of individual students' lives, interests, and/or preferences.


Rubrics: Formative Assessment & Instructional Strategies

Elements: Real-Time Assessment & Monitor and Adjust

Level: 4

Description: This video has two elements: Real-Time Assessment: Plans appropriate during and end-of-lesson assessment(s) that are designed to elicit the information necessary throughout the lesson in order to adjust instruction at the sub-group level. Monitor and Adjust: Checks for understanding by eliciting overt responses from all students at essential sub-objective levels.


Rubric: Instructional Strategies

Element: Practice/Aligned Activity

Level: 4

Description: Provides sufficient, aligned practice or conceptual development activity aligned to appropriate sub-objective(s). Effectively provides scaffolding for students who need assistance and appropriately fades away or renews support as needed to ensure all students are challenged to move toward independence. Also meets the criteria at level 3.


Rubric: Learner Engagement

Element: Authentic Engagement

Level: 3

Description: Facilitates authentic engagement by assigning tasks that most students associate with a result or outcome that has clear meaning and personal relevance (connects task(s) to learning outcome relative to big idea; purpose for learning).