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TXTS 4 Teachers

The Big Three: 3 questions all teachers ask

Marlys WeaverStoesz

Welcome to December!  We have a delicious month of TXT4 Teachers planned: Magnificent Learning Menus!

In her article, “Using Math Menus,” Marilyn Burns identifies three questions most frequently asked by teachers:

What do I do with students who finish their math assignments more quickly?

How can I free up time to work with students who need extra help?

How can I differentiate experiences to support struggling learners while also meeting the needs of students who require additional challenges?

Burns calls these questions “The Big Three.”  (Burns, 2016, p. 40). Of course, replace “math” from question 1 with “reading,” “writing,” “science,” “art,” or the other content areas, and the question remains the same.  

In an effort to address “the Big Three,” we will provide one content specific “menu” strategy throughout the month.  We begin with math menu items, and we will share ELA, science, and social studies strategies as the month progresses.

To give you a “taste” of what is to come, take a look at this short video introducing the Math Menus.

Bon appetit!

Burns, M. (October 2016). Using math menus: giving students a menu of activities to choose from helps differentiate instruction and engage all learners. Educational Leadership, 74 (2), 40.