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TXTS 4 Teachers

Assessment Strategies: Smarter not Harder

Marlys WeaverStoesz

Today’s video is 15 minutes, but it is packed with loads of working “smarter not harder” collaborative learning and formative assessment strategies.

The lesson exemplifies Smarter Balance’s four “Formative Assessment Attributes:

Clarify – Students collaboratively clarify success criteria for effective academic discussions.

Elicit – The teacher elicits evidence of learning of the collaborative success criteria as students discuss connections to events in a novel.

Interpret – The teacher interprets student performance evidence as they engage in the collaborative discussion about the novel.

Act On- The teacher provides immediate feedback to students’ use of performance criteria; students adjust their group discussion based on the teacher’s feedback; students reflect on their performance.

As you view the video, you might consider:

How does the lesson exemplify authentic as well as formative assessment of collaborative discussions?

How might you adapt the assessment strategies used in this video with younger or older grade students?

How might you adapt the assessment strategies for other content areas?

What are other benefits to both teachers and students of the four “Formative Assessment Attribute” as highlighted in this video?

Break out the popcorn, and sit back to enjoy this rich example of authentic-formative assessment!