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Targeted Feedback

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Feedback is something you do day in and day out. Why not make it better to make your job easier? Watch the video, then meet me below.

Effective feedback = aligned to sub-objective + references a specific skill/knowledge + timely

Not so hot:

Good job, nice model, very good, you are right, try again.


I noticed here (point) that your product is less than your factor. Let's look at your strategy for multiplying.

The model you drew for the moon phases is accurate and labeled properly if the sun is where?

You identified the theme accurately, however, I am struggling to see that you have justified it with evidence. Can you go back into the text and tell me what made you decide that?

Once your feedback rocks and is individualized: 

Teach students to use resources (e.g. rubrics, exemplars, checklists) to assess themselves and provide their own feedback to advance learning.

The following resources will support you further in your feedback journey.

5 Research-Based Tips for Providing Students with Meaningful Feedback By Marianne Stenger

20 Ways To Provide Effective Feedback For Learning By TeachThought Staff

Teaching Strategies: The Essentials of Giving Feedback By Jordan Catapano


Targeted Instructional Strategies

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What Would Marzano Do?

Robert Marzano's research from Classroom Instruction that Works: Research-based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement listed nine strategies that yielded high results. They are:

If you are interested in knowing how successful each are, check out his book or visit this PDF adaptation. Warning: without the book you might not realize that there is also a matter of HOW well the strategies are implemented.