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Learning Menu: Science

Marlys WeaverStoesz

In keeping with our menu theme, today’s video is called “Edible Cells:  Science is Yummy!” Although the video is not specifically an example of a learning menu for science, it is a great strategy for reinforcing plant cell parts.  We also provide some ideas of how to adapt the lesson to be centered or learning menu-based below.

As you enjoy this video, you might consider:

·       How might using an “edible” product be used to reinforce other scientific concepts?

·       You might also consider adapting the lesson to become a learning menu in the following ways:  

o   Set-up the lesson as an inquiry, center-based lesson as opposed to direct instruction, as was featured in the video.

o   Provide a few “appetizer” activities related to previewing the nonfiction pieces at the beginning of the lesson.

o   Require students to choose and complete a “main course” activity, such as completing a graphic organizer detailing cell parts.

o   Provide students with different “dessert” options, with the “edible cells” being one choice. Or, the “edible cells” could be the only dessert option as sufficient reward for completing the rest of the work!

Furthermore, reading materials may be differentiated by reading levels and interests as well scaffolded graphic organizers.

Scrumptious science in action!