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Now you know your students' names. Do you know their mindset?

TXTS 4 Teachers

Now you know your students' names. Do you know their mindset?

Kimberly St Clair

The best teachers invest in getting to know students as individuals. As you have been kid watching, you may notice that some students are concerned with “looking smart,” dodging feedback, or avoiding challenges. These are clues that this student may have a fixed mindset.

You also may have noticed students who want to learn and get better or are proud of hard work and persevere through challenging tasks. These are characteristics of a student with a growth mindset.

Over the next few weeks, pay attention to your students’ behaviors to see if you can determine each learner’s mindset. Moreover, you can look forward to some easy tips to promote growth mindsets in your classroom in upcoming TXTS4 Teachers.

For more information about growth and fixed mindsets, check out this helpful visual. visual

As you think about each of your students, you may want to refer to this mindset rubric.