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Happy New Year!

TXTS 4 Teachers

Happy New Year!

Kimberly St Clair


The bulletin boards are complete.  The desks are clean and are arranged to invite rich student dialogue.  The first week’s lesson plans and activities are ready to go. Your first day of school jitters dream is a fleeting memory.  Finally, the new children of your heart arrive. 

No other profession offers this opportunity to begin anew every year.  Know that we will be here every Tuesday, supporting you with our weekly texts of helpful hints, rich professional resources, and inspiring messages.  We hope you will encourage your colleagues to sign-up for TXTS4 Teachers, so that we may extend our support and inspiration even further.   

We at TXTS4 Teachers warmly wish you a wonderful first week of school, whether it is this week or next.  Don't forget to share this post with some friends and invite them to join TXTS4 Teachers!