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End-of-Year Data Sharing Meetings

TXTS 4 Teachers

End-of-Year Data Sharing Meetings

Kimberly St Clair

Before you set sail on your well-deserved summer break, consider scheduling a time to meet with the grade levels above and below you to share student data.  Data sharing meetings provide an opportunity to pass on the student data you have collected throughout the year and learn more about the students who will be coming into your class.  During a data sharing meeting, teachers provide an overview of the data being shared, highlight key data points, and answer questions.  

Here are some examples of data you may share:

  • Benchmark or Pre/Post Assessment Scores – These may be available in a shared database.

  • Student Portfolios – These may include a few student work samples and/or formative assessments that you have collected throughout the year.

  • Reading Levels

  • Progress Monitoring Scores for students who received interventions

End-of-year data sharing meetings aid in initial planning for the next school year, which is especially true for students who need specialized instruction.