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Embrace and Love Your Data!

TXTS 4 Teachers

Embrace and Love Your Data!

Kimberly St Clair

Today, more than ever, teachers are required to be data experts. Jennifer Morrison, an award-winning teacher, offers these three key ideas to help teachers embrace and love data:

  • Realize that data includes more than test scores. Yes, summative data is important; however consider multiple data sources.  This practice is especially important when looking at the root cause for student learning difficulties. 

  • Data collection answers questions about students, students’ learning, and teaching practices.   When teachers craft their data questions and collect their students’ data to answer these questions, data becomes more meaningful.  Teachers can use this meaningful data to make important decisions about students.

  • Collaborative conversations around data are critical.  Talking with others supports deeper understanding of data and how to build upon these shared meanings.   

To read more about these ideas by clicking this link.


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