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Ginger Topize

Carol Ann Tomlinson and Differentiation are synonymous in the world of education. If you haven't met her, I suggest the short video below. But buyer beware, the YouTube rabbit hole will open up so many great videos with her wisdom that you might just spend your whole afternoon immersed in Tomlinson.

Carol Ann shares the in and outs in a short ERIC article:

4 Classroom Elements to Differentiate

(for each element, she gives multiple specific examples)

  1. Content
  2. Process
  3. Products
  4. Environment

Carol Ann writes how to begin differentiation in the classroom, "...there are no recipes. Nonetheless, the following guidelines are helpful to many teachers as they begin to differentiate, begin to differentiate more proactively, or seek to refine a classroom that can already be called “differentiated”:

•Frequently reflect on the match between your classroom and the philosophy of teaching and learning you want to practice. Look for matches and mismatches, and use both to guide you.

•Create a mental image of what you want your classroom to look like, and use it to help plan and assess changes.

Read the article for the whole list of how to begin tips plus much more about the differentiation mindset.