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How to Become an "EduNinja!"

TXTS 4 Teachers

How to Become an "EduNinja!"

Kimberly St Clair

No doubt about it: teaching is a physically and emotionally demanding profession.  Taking care of our physical and emotional health too often takes a back-burner, which creates a vicious cycle of habits that further diminish our energy levels and cause greater stress.

A recent “10-Minute Teacher” podcast episode features Jen Burdis, a 21-year veteran teacher and author of The EduNinja Mindset: 11 Habits for Building a Stronger Body and Mind. 

Here is a summary of the five habits Jen shares in the podcast episode.  Click here to listen to the entire episode.

  1. Face your fears:  Daily put yourself in the mindset of being willing to overcome obstacles.

  2. Practice healthy nutrition:  Simple and healthy meal and snack prep will break the cycle of sugar highs and lows. 

  3. Move throughout your day:  Setting aside even 30 minutes broken-up throughout the day for a walk, light exercise, or yoga can make a huge difference in energy levels.  Participating in brain breaks with your students counts, too!

  4. Take time for mindfulness:  Give yourself the gift short breaks to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to check-in with yourself and body.

  5. Build community:  We do better when we are connected to others! Invite colleagues, friends, family members, and/or join an online community to provide support for your healthy habits.

Remember the metaphor of the oxygen mask: we must take care of ourselves first on order to effectively take care of others.


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