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A Protocol for Analyzing Student Work

TXTS 4 Teachers

A Protocol for Analyzing Student Work

Kimberly St Clair

A student work protocol helps teachers identify how well students have met lesson objectives, identify students’ strengths and areas of need, and frames next instructional steps.   This tool can be utilized to analyze any type of formative assessment, including independent practice or a daily exit ticket. 

Additionally, teachers can utilize the Student Work Protocol collaboratively.  In this approach, a grade level team decides which student work or common formative assessment to collect.  The team then gathers a sampling of student work for analysis and instructional planning.  This approach supports a collaborative culture that increases teachers’ professional knowledge among teachers around standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. It also provides a rich framework for teachers to share their expertise.

We are happy to provide this easy to follow Student Work Protocol, which we hope will assist you on your data analysis journey!