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Modeling a Growth Mindset

TXTS 4 Teachers

Modeling a Growth Mindset

Kimberly St Clair

Last month, we introduced the characteristics of fixed and growth mindsets.  You now want to promote growth mindsets in your classroom. But where do you start? As a skilled teacher, you know that deliberate modeling, teaching, and reinforcing are required for successful learning. The same holds true when creating a growth mindset culture in the classroom.  

Here are ideas for modeling a growth mindset:

1. Storytelling. Share your own personal experiences with fixed or growth mindset. Share your setbacks and failures.

2. Learn a New Skill: Actively learn something new for a sustained period, and discuss the process with your learners.

3. Seek feedback from your colleagues. Invite a colleague to observe you teaching and give you feedback, which shows students that adults need and want to get better at their jobs.

4. Teach: In addition to modeling growth mindset behaviors, you can explicitly teach students about mindsets. Check out these Growth Mindset Lesson Plans.

Give these ideas and lessons a try!  You can look forward to additional easy tips to continue to promote growth mindsets in your classroom in upcoming TXTS4 Teachers.