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TXTS4 Leaders List

Responding to Misbehavior

Marlys WeaverStoesz

Your staff teaches and practices expectations, cultivates relationships, and positively narrates behaviors you want to see.  However, when misbehavior occurs, how does your campus respond?

Look at your current data for students who are visiting the office.  Are they visiting for the right reasons? Find root causes and the figure out your best next step to support students and teachers so we all can spend more time on instruction.

Are there patterns of times when more students are referred?

Are there differences in the number of students being sent or not sent from teachers or other staff members?

Do staff know strategies for intervening while minimizing disruptions?

Are there expectations of teachers that are “slipping” such as sending students without referrals, or teachers not being outside their doors during transitions, or sending more than one student to the bathroom at a time?

Consider what changes or supports would have the biggest impact on the number or severity of office referrals.  Fine-tune your practices for maintaining a positive learning environment.  How might staff connect with the data to determine next steps for fine-tuning?  How might you support those who may need more strategies or tools?  Ensuring that your staff can support students in maintaining a positive learning environment is one of the best ways to ensure you spend time supporting instruction.