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Unplug for Brain Health

Marlys WeaverStoesz

You are coming off a break where we hope you were able to unplug.  As you get back into the “busy-ness” of work, plan some time in your day where you unplug from technology.  Our brains have not evolved as quickly as our technology; constant external distractions cause smart people to underperform, become persistently rushed, and unable to problem-solve or stay with a task through completion.  Every text, tweet, update, newsletter, email, and passing conversation is competing for attention.  Want to be more productive, more creative, and have more energy for important thinking?

The best solution is to designate times for activities, even digital ones like email and social networking.  So go ahead and spend 20 minutes on Facebook.  Schedule it into your day but remember to schedule time to unplug.  Take 30 minutes for a walk outside or to listen to music or cook.  That time “unplugged” is when most of us are able to reflect and tackle the big issues of the day.

Knowing that we are competing for attention in your brain, we are making these texts shorter, more concise nuggets of goodness that help you be an amazing leader in 2017.  Happy New Year.