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Game-Changing Goals

Marlys WeaverStoesz

What one goal (at work or in your personal life) would have the most positive impact on your life right now?  What is going to be a game-changer for you?

1) Make a plan. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Write down 20 small steps you can do to get you closer to your goal. It’s the small-step planning that makes big goals doable.

If you struggle to get to 20 steps, consider whether your steps can be broken down. Make it difficult to not accomplish each step. For example, if you want to exercise three mornings a week, “Set the alarm 45 minutes earlier to get up and walk” leaves too much up in the air. You want no room for excuses. Break this step down:

Set an alarm for 9:30 PM to get ready for bed.

Put headphones/music, gum, and water by the door before going to bed.

Find 3 pairs of shorts and 3 shirts to wear during work-outs.

Go to bed in work-out clothes/Put workout clothes and shoes by the bed each night.

Set an alarm for 5:15 AM and get out the door.

2) Add specifics. Chunk your steps. How much time is needed to complete each step or chunk.

3) Create a timeline. Sequence your steps, adding a 1 to the step that must be completed first, and a 2 to the next, and so on until all tasks are numbered.  Set some benchmarks. In 1 month, what will you have accomplished? In 3 months?  In 6 months?

4) Start and repeat.  The time you put into planning is wasted unless you start, stick with it, and start again if you hit a hurdle. What will help you stick to this? Why is it important to you?  Do you need competition? Rewards? Public declaration that you are working toward this?

5) Find an accountability partner.  Would accomplishing this goal positively impact others who might help you? Are others working on their own goals?  Do you have a mentor? Find someone who will be a supportive follow-up buddy to check-in with you. Schedule these follow-ups weekly in the beginning and then for your benchmark dates.  

Taking care of yourself will pay dividends to your students and teachers. Model that growth-mindset and challenge yourself to accomplish your own personal goal this year.