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TXTS4 Leaders List

Academic Outcomes: Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Marlys WeaverStoesz

Traumatic experiences can impact academic outcomes in many ways including higher absenteeism, decreased ability to focus, disruptions in memory and attention, and discipline issues.  To effectively educate youth who have been exposed to traumatic events, we must first understand what adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, do to the brain, body and behavior.

As school leaders it is our responsibility to understand the impact of ACEs and to develop strategies to build a school culture that is sensitive to the needs of traumatized learners.  One way to help teachers to recognize signs of trauma and be equipped to respond is to learn more about ACEs and Trauma Informed Practices.  See below for links more information and registration for two upcoming workshops being held at MCESA in December and January.  If you cannot attend, do you have a psychologist, social worker, or teacher leader who could attend the trainer of trainer sessions and be ready to support your staff?  

December 6th

Supportive School Culture: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Trainer of Trainer Workshop

January 31st

Supportive School Culture: Trauma Informed Care Trainer of Trainer Workshop