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Lock in Time with Your Teachers

Marlys WeaverStoesz

In last week’s Text for Leaders we examined the “Six Steps to Effective Feedback” as a means to ensure that teachers are able to incorporate the feedback they receive after classroom walkthroughs.  But, in order to give your teachers the coaching that will increase their effectiveness, we need to find the time for face-to-face, one-on-one feedback.

Structuring your schedule requires that you determine how much time to allocate to the most critical areas of your school leadership.  Observation and feedback are arguably two of the most important activities leaders engage in every day.   Once all of your mandatory meetings are blocked out on your calendar, schedule your time with teachers.  This takes some work because the time is contingent upon your teachers’ availability throughout the day.  Lock in weekly half-hour check-ins with teachers to provide feedback from that week’s classroom walkthroughs.

This frequent and planned contact ensures consistency; the teacher knows that they can expect weekly feedback from their administrator and you’re provided an avenue to monitor your teachers’ progress on an on-going basis.  Imagine how much your teachers could grow given the benefit of weekly feedback sessions based on focused and purposeful walkthroughs!

How will you “lock in” your feedback sessions with teachers?  With whom will you communicate your observation and feedback schedule and how will that help you to protect your time?