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Gathering Staff Input

Marlys WeaverStoesz

As the AZMerit testing window comes to a close consider how to end the school year on a positive note by maintaining a strong staff culture.

In the book Leverage Leadership, Brett Peiser writes that, “Great leaders maintain strong staff cultures by remaining continually on the lookout for warning signs.”  He calls this “keeping your ear to the rail” as a way of hearing the train coming before you can see it.  One way to approach this and to demonstrate that you are open to input is through an informal survey.

What’s going well?

What’s one thing that could be going better?

What’s one thing any of the school leaders could do to make your life easier?

Understanding and acting on the warning signs is one way to ensure a strong finish.  How else do you elicit information from your staff that allows you to be proactive in the area of staff culture?