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Be Your New Teachers' Greatest Cheerleader

TXTS4 Leaders List

Be Your New Teachers' Greatest Cheerleader

Kimberly St Clair

Do you remember your first year as a teacher or educational leader? Of course you do! It was a momentous time filled with excitement and, probably, a fair dose of nerves. As you recall your experience as a newbie, consider what you can do as a leader to help usher in today’s new teachers. From simply being a cheerleader to suggesting strategies for classroom management and instructional delivery, support from a mentor, teammate, coach, or leader can make all the difference. New teachers often report feeling isolated, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

As West Ed puts it, “Beginning teacher support should be looked at as a continuum, starting with personal and emotional support, expanding to include specific task- or problem-related support and, in the ideal, expanding further to help the newcomer develop a capacity for critical self-reflection on teaching practice.”

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