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Never Doubt Your Impact

TXTS4 Leaders List

Never Doubt Your Impact

Leslie Beauchamp


As you work on establishing culture and new relationships this year, consider how you would like to be remembered years from now.  What is important? 

My middle school music teacher’s memorial service occurred this past Spring.  It left no doubt in my mind that educators have a deep, widespread impact.  What a responsibility and an honor.  Through social media posts, in letters, and in person, hundreds of former students and colleagues shared examples of how this teacher had influenced them in positive ways.  Whether we knew her as Ms. Gilbert or Ms. Roth, we worked harder for her, meeting her high expectations.  To this day, even while singing along to the music in my car, I have proper enunciation and diction, and a love for music. 

I am heartbroken knowing that I will miss memorial services this weekend for two former colleagues who were both amazing educators.  Their influence is positive and wide and deep.  The memorial services will lift those who attend because people will share the many ways these educators supported students, families, and colleagues.  We are grieving our loss and celebrating their impact.   

Help me honor these educators by taking a moment to reflect on your impact.  Your job is like no other in terms of influence.  It is a big responsibility and you were made to make it count.