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4 Major Destinations

TXTS4 Leaders List

4 Major Destinations

Leslie Beauchamp

Whether your school is an official “Kids at Hope” sight or not, most of us agree that we are responsible for creating an environment where all children experience success.   In their model, Kids at Hope believes that we all should experience success in four areas:  

1)      Home and Family

2)      Education and Career

3)      Community and Service

4)      Hobbies and Recreation

It’s easy to get these out of balance during the school year.  This summer is your chance to find success in each of these areas.  Take a moment to write down at least one outcome for your summer in each of these areas.  You may even want to have your teachers and students do the same.  

I plan to spend some quality time with my sister, read a couple of books for work and a couple that are just for fun, campaign for changes I want to see in November, and participate in a photography challenge.  What about you?  Feel free to share your goals in our comments.  Maybe we can gain book ideas and inspiration from others.  

Have a wonderful summer off from TXTS4Leaders.  We’ll text you just before school starts next year!