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Reflection and Planning for 2018

TXTS4 Leaders List

Reflection and Planning for 2018

Leslie Beauchamp

In “End of year:  It’s time to reflect and start anew,” Eileen Chadnick provides 12 questions to help leaders take stock of the year and help us start the new year off right.  She suggests reflecting on these over the next few weeks over several sittings. 

The Year Past:  

·       What went well?

·       Who needs to be acknowledged? 

·       How did you grow this past year?  

·       What were the stand-out peak moments for you – and why?

·       What’s not working? 

·       Wrap up your year by giving it a theme or name.  


The Year Ahead: 

·       What thresholds will you be crossing?  

·       Who will you connect with more in the year ahead? 

·       What kind of leader, peer, friend, partner (and other roles) do you want to be?

·       What do you want?  

·       How will you put this into action?  

·       What’s the mantra for 2016?   (Chadnick, December 14, 2015)


Take the next couple of weeks to reflect, recharge, and come back refreshed and reinvigorated.  To that end, TXTS4Leaders will also take the next two weeks off.  We will be back January 10th. 

Chadnick, Eileen. (2015, December 14). End of year:  It’s time to reflect and start anew.