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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Performance Season!

TXTS4 Leaders List

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Performance Season!

Kimberly St Clair

Many schools have performances and art shows occurring in December. Or course, rehearsals during class come with performances.  How do you handle walkthroughs and feedback for your performing arts teachers during this time?   

Here are some things to consider:   

  1. These teachers can be a little more stressed than usual.  Help them remember this is a process, and we work to use performances to share with others the love for their content and the journey towards mastery.  

  2. Rehearsals should not mean no new learning occurs.  Work with these teachers to articulate the skill they want students to improve upon before the final performance.  Even as they rehearse, help them focus in on a specific strategy or ways for students evaluate themselves or others on this area. A bite-sized objective and practice can change each time the class meets, which will get them closer to the ideal performance.   

  3. You might also ask, “Have students provided input and analyzed how the presentation or performance influences the ideas, beliefs, and experience of the audience? If so, how much? “  

Performances are a wonderful time to involve our families and communities in all our students are learning. Think about whether your feedback during this season helps your performing arts teachers stay focused on learning and growth.