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How Social Media Policy Savvy is Your Staff?

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How Social Media Policy Savvy is Your Staff?

Kimberly St Clair

When is the last time your leadership team reviewed your staff social media policy? Better yet, when is the last time your staff reviewed the social media policy? In ever-changing sociopolitical climates, digital communication policies need to be maintained and distributed regularly, so everyone from your employees to your board members can know and toe the line between freedom of speech and inappropriate social media conduct.

When used properly, digital communication can enhance staff and student discourse and provide valuable, timely information to the school community. Here are some ideas for refining and distributing a fool-proof digital communication plan:

  • Start by reading your current policy from different perspectives—certified and non-certified building staff, district staff, and board members are a few stakeholder groups to consider.

  • Select a test group to review the new policy and attempt to find any holes or “What-if…?” scenarios.

  • Consult with a law firm to ensure your policy complies with current Arizona Revised Statutes.

  • Gamify distribution! Hold trivia contests over a week or month wherein staff can respond to scenarios and test their understanding of the policy and corresponding laws.

Finally, be sure to talk it over with staff to identify areas of ambiguity or misunderstanding, make micro-corrections, and keep communication a two-way street. These tactics will help everyone avoid embarrassing and potentially threatening situations.