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Teachers Touch Many Lives

Teachers make a difference in the lives of the students they teach. Coincidentally, those students also make a difference in the lives of the teachers they love. The following story was submitted by a Maricopa teacher about a student connection and and how it changed the lives of those involved.


Teachers Touch Many Lives

“Many years ago I received a 6-year-old student in my self-contained behavior classroom. He had been abused for a number of years and had been betrayed by those who should have protected him at home. He was filled with rage, distrust and lack of any direction.

Through a lot of hard work, building rapport, setting specific rules, procedures and a fair, but consistent behavior plan, by the end of the year he was 80% mainstreamed for a kindergarten classroom.

His life was transformed. The student he became was not the student I started with. His foster parents were eternally grateful. While I never saw him again after that year, to this day, I am still moved by his grit and determination to turn his life around. He was only 6 years old.

Never give up on a child. I did not. To this day, I still feel a connection and fulfillment for truly helping this child in need. Teachers truly do touch many lives -- I did.

- Austin M.

*This is part of our Teacher Connection Series that was inspired by Weave: The Social Fabric Initiative.