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2018 Teacher Feedback Sessions

Summer 2018 , Topic- Teacher Retention
56 Teachers Representing 31 School Districts And Charters

Summer 2018 , Topic- Teacher Retention
56 Teachers Representing 31 School Districts And Charters

Teachers were asked to discuss how we can better retain teachers in the profession. The following topics and strategies emerged.

Supportive Work Environment
A healthy culture starts with supportive administrators.

Identified Strategies:

  • Schedule flexibility
  • Reasonable expectations
  • Collaboration within the school day
  • Embedded and ongoing feedback
  • Accessibility of resources
  • Encouragement of risk taking
  • Mentoring structures/processes
  • Planning time
  • Autonomy and creativity
  • Stress reduction hours


Teaching needs to provide a living wage.

Identified Strategies:

  • Alternative funding sources
  • Strategies to reduce the cost of benefits
  • Statewide/county-wide insurance consortium
  • Teacher housing
  • Leave days
  • Holding on to years of experience
  • Loan assistance
  • Offsetting continuing education costs

Elevating the Profession
Great education stories need to be told.

Identified Strategies:

  • Educator for a day
  • Specific mediums/formats/forums
  • Tv/radio spots done by students
  • Testimonials
  • Hosting policy makers
  • Interactions with policy makers
  • Celebrations of the profession


Teacher Leadership
Advocacy/opportunities without leaving the classroom.

Identified Strategies:

  • Townhalls
  • Connections
  • Leadership/community groups
  • Advocacy training/resources
  • Increased decision making on campus
  • Advising roles for superintendents/school boards
  • Running or campaigning for school board positions
  • District legislative liaisons


Teachers are seeking information about district and legislative policies and processes.

Identified Strategies:

  • Mechanisms in place for sharing budget breakdowns
  • Collaboration between district leaders
  • Common salary formulas (comparing apples to apples)