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Solve It


Solve It

Solve It is a video series featuring STEM educators posing real-world challenges to students. Each Solve It episode consists of two videos.

The first poses the challenge. All challenges are actual issues that are being grappled with in our community right now.

The second provides teachers with necessary background information, guiding questions, and suggested resources to solve the challenges.

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Solve It: Water Resources

Your challenge: To research the source of water coming into your community and come up with a plan to help measure and communicate the amount of water being used in your area.

Solve It: Recycling

Your challenge: To research the type and amount of items currently being thrown away at your school and improve or design a better system to reduce, re-use, or recycle those items.

Your challenge: Conduct research about your school lunchroom and design a better system for distributing lunches or getting students through the lines more efficiently.

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Your challenge: Conduct research about the amount of idling at your school and design a better school drop off and pick up system.


Solve It: Water Quality

Research tools and methods used to provide clean water and improve or design a better tool or method.


Your challenge: Research tools and