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Federal Case Study Highlights MCESA Peer Evaluator System

Elizabeth Brinkman

A U.S. Department of Education case study suggests that the Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA) Peer Evaluator program has contributed to improving educator evaluations and teaching in county schools.

“Based on what we have learned from the Maricopa County program, we believe that other TIF grantees and school districts should consider peer evaluation as a potential contribution to effective educator evaluation,” the study states.

In 2010, MCESA was awarded a TIF grant to implement Rewarding Excellence in Instruction and Leadership, a five-year program designed to help four school districts attract, place, retain, support, and develop effective educators.

MCESA was awarded a second TIF grant in 2012 to implement Rewarding Excellence in Instruction and Leadership, The Next Generation (REIL-TNG), a second five-year program to improve educator effectiveness in seven county school districts.

The REIL and REIL-TNG programs have been recognized for their innovative approach of employing and training peer evaluators to perform teacher evaluations and provide professional development opportunities.

“As practiced in the Maricopa County TIF districts, peer evaluation has the potential to support more rigorous performance evaluation as well as improve teaching,” the study says.

Click here to download“Peer Evaluation of Teachers in Maricopa County’s Teacher Incentive Fund Program.”