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Recall Elections

Recall Elections

Recall Elections

A recall election is a process whereby the qualified electors of a school district may force a seated governing board member to stand for election prior to completing the full length of his/her term in office.

The process requires that a number of qualified electors residing within the school district demand his/her recall. Signature requirements are based on 25 percent of the number of votes cast at the last preceding general election for all the candidates for the office held by the officer, divided by the number of offices that were being filled at the election (A.R.S. 19-201.A).

A public officer must have held office for six months before a recall petition can be filed against him/her. The six-month wait only applies to the first term of office if the governing board member is elected to consecutive terms (A.R.S. 19-202.A).

A recall packet may be obtained by contacting the Maricopa County Education Service Agency Election Services at 602-506-3978, or submitting a request by email to or by U.S. mail to 4041 N. Central Ave, Suite 1200, Phoenix, AZ 85012. Please include the following in your request: Your name, board member name, school district name, your address.

Download current signature requirements.

Click here for a list of recalls for the current year.

Contact Election Services | (602) 506-3978