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Generosity and Kindness

Teachers make a difference in the lives of the students they teach. It’s no coincidence that those students also make a difference in the lives of the teachers they love. The following story was submitted by a Maricopa County teacher about a student connection and and how it changed the lives of those involved.


On one of our rare cold, winter days, I was unlocking one of the classroom doors when a kindergartener ran inside. She looked at me holding her cheeks and said, "I'm so cold!" She was only wearing a long-sleeve school uniform polo, no jacket or hat and it was 35 degrees that morning.

I asked her why she wasn't wearing more clothing layers and she replied that her mom did not have any money to buy her a hat. In that moment my heart broke into a million pieces. I told my classroom aide, my mom and a friend. The next day, both my aide and I had bought the girl a jacket. A week later, my friend made a connection with a church in Scottsdale that donated bags and bags of winter gear for my school!

Generosity and kindness is why I do what I do.


 *This is part of our Teacher Connection Series that was inspired by Weave: The Social Fabric Initiative.