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The Fabric of My Life

Teachers make a difference in the lives of the students they teach. Coincidentally, those students also make a difference in the lives of the teachers they love. The following story was submitted by a Maricopa teacher about a student connection and and how it changed the lives of those involved.


With more than 30 years as an educator, the faces, names and experiences have created the fabric of my life. I have previous students who are now grown with their own children and involved in their own careers. They are making a difference in the world and it fills my heart with joy to hear about their life contributions: nutritionist, nurse, pre-med, scientist for Palo Verde, teachers (yay), computer programming specialist, IS&T and even a rodeo rider! As my students find me on social media and share their favorite memories while in my classroom, I know my life was a worthwhile one. No matter what circumstances brought a student into my classroom, I was determined that their year with me would be the best year they ever had in school. I have had letters and messages from parents and students who have indicated their year with me was a turning point. As I begin my next chapter into retirement, I want to thank the students, parents and colleagues who not only crossed my path, but are still a part of my life years later.

-Carolyn Tindall Chenault

 *This is part of our Teacher Connection Series that was inspired by Weave: The Social Fabric Initiative.