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REIL-Extend has partnered with Digital Promise to provide a revolutionary way for leaders to obtain Certified Evaluator Training (CET). Unlike traditional professional learning, a micro-credential is earned by demonstrating competency in a job-embedded skill, not by completing a certain number of tasks or seat hours.

Instructional Conference Micro-credentials

We are excited to present the “Know Thy” series!  These are the first three micro-credentials in our new Instructional Conference stack.   The “Know Thy” series is designed to support evaluators and coaches to transform the instructional conference into a powerful professional learning experience for teachers.

Uncovering Leader Will Driver and Bias
Using the Skill and Will Matrix to Plan an Instructional Conference.png
Using the Skill and Will Matrix.png
  • Know Thyself:  Uncovering Leader Will Driver and Biases

  • Know Thy Teacher:  Using the Skill & Will Matrix Assessment

  • Know Thy Plan: Using the Skill and Will Matrix to Plan an Instructional Conference

These three micro-credentials build on each other but can stand alone; a leader can choose to complete one, two, or all three in any order.  However, we recommend completing all three in sequence for the greatest impact.

Enroll now at Instructional Conferencing Micro-credentials.

Effective Scripting Practices Micro-credentials

REIL-Extend’s first set of micro-credentials allows leaders to enhance their practice in the following three scripting “micro” areas:

  • Effective Evidence Collection

  • Analysis of Evidence

  • Using Evidence to Prepare for the Instructional Conference

These three-micro-credentials build on each other, but they also stand alone. A leader can choose to complete one, two or all three in any order.

Enroll now at Scripting Micro-credentials.


What comprises a micro-credential?

  • Focuses on a single competency that is aligned to LdOI elements

  • Has a key method that is backed by research

  • Requires the submission of evidence

  • Includes a rubric or scoring guide

What are the benefits of earning micro-credentials?

  • Professional learning linked to research-based best practices

  • Polish and demonstrate competency in current job-related skills

  • Counts toward Certified Evaluator Training hours

How do I get started?

  • Click here to enroll for a micro-credential.

For further information on micro-credentials, please contact Kim St. Clair at