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MarCo Robo

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Superintendent Steve Watson has launched a new program to encourage the creation of new STEM/robotics clubs by partnering with schools to offer resources. MarCo Robo is a new initiative that has just provided nine participating schools with two Piper Computer sets, three GoPiGo3 sets and teacher guides. This new program is giving 7th/8th grade students hands-on experiences with coding, robotics and Raspberry Pi devices who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity.

The MarCo Robo Project focuses on:

  • Developing teacher and student experiences in coding and robotics

  • Providing teachers with resources to assist students with programming Raspberry Pi computers

  • Developing student STEM identity and increasing student engagement in STEM academics

Superintendent Watson believes in our teachers and trusts in their professional abilities to use these resources to tailor appropriate educational activities for their STEM club students. Through MarCo Robo, we hope to show more students the possibilities of careers in technology.


Piper Computers

Students build their own Raspberry Pi-powered laptops through a MineCraft-based program. They can also be used for Scratch & Python coding.

GoPiGo 3

Students build and program their own robotic car, with the ability to support many optional sensors. It runs off a Raspberry Pi and can be programmed with Scratch & Python.