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Maricopa County Educational Resource Directory

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School Physical Activity Programs

Laurie King

Support for school comprehensive physical activity programming including integrated physical activities before and after school, during the school day and structured recess, safe routes to school, and shared use agreements. Professional development for teachers and staff also available. This service/resource provided by Maricopa County Public Health.

School Wellness Policy

Laurie King

Better health = better learners. School staff, students and parents can create a healthy school environment. Our staff will provide guidance and support with Local Wellness Policy requirements required by districts that participate in the National School Lunch Program or other federal Child Nutrition programs. This service/resource provided by Maricopa County Public Health.

Nutrition Education and Wellness for Students, Parents, Staff

Laurie King

Our team of Registered Dietitians (RD) is available to assist in an integrated school, parent, and community-based approach to improve the health behaviors of children, their families and school staff through evidenced-based curriculum as guest speakers or train the trainer programs. School staff wellness programs are available to maintain a work-life balance and serve as healthy lifestyle role models for their students. Lending library of materials available for support. This service/resource provided by Maricopa County Public Health.

Healthy Schools Network

Laurie King

In this two year program schools will complete the CDC School Health Index assessment, develop a School Health Advisory Council, and create a school health action plan. MCDPH provides guidance and support through the process and funding for the action plan. This service/resource provided by Maricopa County Public Health.

Parent Ambassadors

Laurie King

This training is offered to parents in order to promote family and parent engagement in the school setting. Parents learn how the school system is set up, civic engagement, the whole child, how to communicate in the school setting and how they can advocate for healthy changes in their child's school. This service/resource provided by Maricopa County Public Health.

School STEM and Science Events 

Laurie King

Interactive demonstrations of portable air monitoring devices and mobile air quality educational kiosk educates students and families about air pollution. Participation in STEM events also includes promotional items/give-aways and informational material. Ultimate goal is a Call to Action to encourage behavioral changes resulting in improved air quality. This service/resource provided by Maricopa County Air Quality.