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2018 Exemplary Principals Bios


2018 Exemplary Principals

Priscilla Gossett

Priscilla Gossett.jpg

School: Madison Heights Elementary School


District: Madison Elementary School District

About: "Priscilla has successfully transformed a low performing Title I school into a vibrant full Spanish Immersion program with growing enrollment, an "A" state performance label, and an active community of parents. Mrs. Gossett is an extraordinary leader who is not only a highly effective instructional leader, but a passionate leader for student, teacher and parent support." - Dr. Quinn Kellis, Madison Elementary District Superintendent 

Eric Gundrum

Eric Gundrum.jpg

School: Sahuaro Ranch Elementary School


District: Peoria Unified School District

About: "Dr. Gundrum is an exceptional school leader who has consistently demonstrated effective leadership over a long and illustrious career in PUSD. He is a Raymond S. Kellis in Leadership Award winner. He is highly effective in analyzing data and driving effective change around instructional goals and expectations. He is a terrific role model for teachers and students. He is aggressive and no nonsense when it comes to achievement and ensuring the learning environment is free from distractions. Although an administrator with many years of experience, he is always on the forefront of change and innovative practices. Eric is a highly regarded person in our district." -Steve Savoy, Peoria Unified District Chief Instructional Officer

Dale Shough


School: Cheyenne Elementary School


District: Peoria Unified District

About: "Dale Shough served for over five years on the campus of Sun Valley ushering in an era of integrated technology throughout his campus.  A Title I school with many community needs he was able to navigate through and above to inspire teachers and students to believe in the impossible. Dale moved to another school within our district and already we see his imprint on changing learning to a blended approach which  allows for experimental classrooms, teacher development, and integrated technology in the learning." -Steve Savoy, Peoria Unified District Chief Instructional Officer

Rhonda Warren

Rhonda Warren.jpg

School: Sunburst Elementary School


District: Washington Elementary District

About: "Rhonda inspires staff members to grow and progress to their full potential and motivates others to be their best by her daily example of leading with respect, honor and professionalism. Rhonda believes that learning should take place for all staff, regardless of where they are in their journey as educators. What makes her unique is her ability to remain focused and in control no matter what the situation, while maintaining a cheerful smile and positive attitude." -Dr. Paul Stanton, Washington Elementary District Superintednet 

Tim Fountain

Tim Fountain.jpg

School: Gateway Pointe Elementary School


District: Higley Unified District

About: "Mr. Fountain has propelled the students and staff of the school in a forward momentum that allows all students the opportunity to succeed at a higher level than previously afforded to the student population. He has been able to turn the school around to the benefit of the entire community." -Dr. Mike Thomason, Higley Unified District Superintendent

Sarah Zembruski

Sarah Zembruski.jpg

School: Trailside Point Performing Arts Academy


District: Laveen Elementary District

About: "Ms. Zembruski fosters leadership among her staff and at the district level she teaches the district-wide Leadership professional development class and mentors other administrators. She is regarded very highly among her peers and is sought out by other principals for her advice and guidance. Sarah is an exceptional school principal and fits the criteria for Exemplary Principal in every way." - Mr. Bill Johnson, Laveen Elementary District Superintendent

Dr. Marianne Lescher

Dr. Marianne Lescher.jpg

School: Kyrene Traditional Academy


District: Kyrene Elementary District

About: "Dr. Marianne Lescher is an outstanding principal. She developed the traditional academy at the Sureno campus and over the last six years the student enrollment has increased every year. Dr. Lescher led the school to being named a Blue Ribbon School two years ago; one of only a handful of such schools in Arizona. She also led the school to an A+ designation the year before that." -Dr. Jan Vesely, Kyrene Elementary District Superintendent

Heather Anguiano

Heather Anguiano.jpg

School: Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary School


District: Chandler Unified School District

About:  "Mrs. Heather Anguiano an exemplary principal and has earned Highly Effective ratings over her administrative career. In addition, her staff ratings of the principal which are done yearly are among the top administrators in Chandler. Heather is a strong instructional leader and student advocate. She serves on social service agency and non -profit boards that impact the families of Hartford students." -Dr. Camille Casteel, Chandler Unified District Superintendent